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How Bulwark Can Help 

     In our day to day operations we frequently run into potential customers that have been told " oh you have scorpions, you can't get rid of those" at Bulwark we beg to differ. Not only can we get rid of scorpions but we guarantee it! Scorpions require a specific system using chemicals and strategies that are built just for them. 

1.   Product placementEveryone will agree that a paint    bush in Michelangelo’s hand is different then a brush in a 2 year-old's hand. Knowing where to place the product is just as important as the product itself. Our technicians must be trained so they know the answers to "where scorpions come from?", "how do scorpions get into my home", and most importantly "how do you get rid of scorpions?". In short, effective scorpion control is both a quality product and a professional service.

2.   ProductThe EPA has regulated 1000s of pesticides for public use. Of those 1000s some are more effective, some less effective, some expensive, some cheap, some micro encapsulated, some generic. For the one man show, the choices can be overwhelming. For some larger national companies the products are standardized and don't take into consideration local scorpion problems. Almost like the Pace salsa commercial, some corporation is making the decision from "New York City", not TexasArizona, or Las Vegas where the scorpion problem exists. Selecting the right product to kill scorpions is vital. 

3.   Customer Follow UpWe keep on the problem until it is solved. Our follow up is for both the customer and us. If we don't monitor the results then we don't know what works. Following up to make sure that the problem is solved is a key ingredient to succesful long term control of scorpions. Further, if you do have a problem and need us to come back out, our scorpion pest control service comes with a guarantee that we will be there within 48 hours of your call, and at no additional cost.